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Gonzalo Maciel is a light artist whose works are characterized by the use of light as the main plastic resource. He follows the laws of light physics to produce his own color palette and also uses several optical effects in order to transform space and alter perception. 


Gonzalo Maciel_Los amantes_16.png
Horizonte magenta expandido.png

Solo Show: Horizon Project

Galería Zielinsky, Barcelona

May / Jun 2019

“A work that functions as an Axis Mundi - a central axis that unites the sky and the earth. The synthesis between the earthly and the transpersonal. And it is through this intimate link that the work of Gonzalo Maciel enunciates a relational aesthetic in which his horizons need the participation of the spectator, not only to acquire meaning, but even to exist, to participate in our reality.”

Laeticia Mello


Gonzalo Maciel_Experimentos con cielos_B
Gonzalo Maciel_Todos los colores del hor


(+54 9 1168481812) 

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