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Curator Laeticia Mello

Galería Zielinsky

May / June 2019

Sponsor Protopixel

What we see in this project is mere light. Chromatic layers constructed through physics, where the color palette used in the photographs is produced by adding light with light. For this to happen, it is necessary to link three concepts: time, space and color. It is the luminous behavior that, as time passes, generates prisms of color within the exhibition space.


If by using pictorial pigments as a plastic resource, we subtract light; on the contrary, when using light as a media, the color mixture is additive, and not subtractive. But, as J.W. Goethe stated, ‘the perception of color is not only subjective, but also subject to experience’. That is to say, a color has the faculty of influencing the human temperament, therefore, in the emotional universe.


'Proyecto Horizonte' is a suite of interconnected works that presents dialectically ambivalent conceptual conditions. On the one hand, the abstraction / representation of the unfathomable horizon in a vertical format; and on the other, the certainty / contingency of a luminous image that seems to have the phenomenal quality of transforming itself into the viewer's retina.


It is these same contradictions that allow us to establish an intimate bond with the work. The precise and almost scientific look when observing the light fading into planes of color, is transformed into a rush of impressions to try to understand if what we observe is an optical or divine phenomenon. For sometimes, it is this same light that composes the horizons, which manifests itself as something sacred, as a vehicle to symbolize the need for the viewer to inquire into their own emotions.

A work that functions as an Axis Mundi - a central axis that unites the sky and the earth. The synthesis between the earthly and the transpersonal. And it is through this intimate link that the work of Gonzalo Maciel enunciates a relational aesthetic in which his horizons need the participation of the spectator, not only to acquire meaning, but even to exist, to participate in our reality.

Laeticia Mello





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