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How far is the North?

Light installation with ambient sound Sequence in loop: 60 seg Frontal light projection 170 x 300

Size of the Totems: 200 x 35 x 35

LEDs RGB -Metallic structure


The title has two meanings: one that refers to the cardinal point, vinculating this work with the immensity of the horizon. And the other meaning is related with an existential point of view, referring to those wishes we desire to achieve.


The impressionist painters tried to optimize the chromatique vibration of the oil paint by joining the pictorial logic with the new developments in color theory and the new discoveries in science. Great minds such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Michel Eugène Chevreul made important discoveries related to understand the physiology of human vision and the physics of light. And painters such as Eugène Delacroix started to develop new ways of using color applying this new achievements in science.


The impressionist continue this developments. In this installation the laws of optics and physics are combined with art as the impressionist did. But the contemporary features of ‘How far is the North?’ are that light itself is used in a 3D installation so in consequence the color palette is created only by following the laws of physics and that the perception of color is not only something that you see but also it becomes a bodily experience.

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