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Todos los colores del horizonte 

Gonzalo Maciel

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¿Is there a chance of gathering all the colors of the sky together in only one piece of art?


The colors that we see in the sky are composed by the red, green and blue; those three colors are the primary colors that compose the light. So, by using those three colors you can generate each of the hues you see on the horizon, and more. In this work all the colors of the sky are mixed using the laws of physics to create a mystical space of color.


In the path of trying to imitate the way light blends in the sky, Gonzalo Maciel, discovered the possibility of making infinite chromatics sensations.


The Totem that is placed at the center of the installation generates all the light effects and it symbolizes a mythical lighthouse. The installation has an environmental sound that collaborates in creating an intimate space, vinculating the spectator directly with the intensity of colors. 

All the colors fo the sky

Light installation with ambient sound Sequence in loop: 2 min Frontal light projection 130 x 500 cm

Lateral projection 200 x 130 cm

Size of the Totem 170 x 35 x 25 cm

LEDs RGB -Metallic structure


Esta instalación se ha exhido en:

  • 2023, ‘ARDE’, en el Centro Cultural Hijas del Arte, CABA. Curadoras: Agustina Mendizabal y Paula Giulietti.

  • 2021, ‘Trío Tecno’, en el Centro de Exposiciones Contemporáneas, Rosario,. Curador: Roberto Echen.

  • 2019, Casa FOA

  • 2017, Bienal de Bahía Blanca, BA.

Sonido ambiental



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